Keep Pests Away With a Quarterly Exterminator Visit

The changing of the seasons are something to look forward to. Sun, rain, snow and wind all evoke certain emotions and encourage you to either get out and play or hunker down and relax. Unfortunately, each season also brings its own type of pest to your home. That’s why a quarterly visit from a professional exterminator is a great way to eliminate pests and the dangers that they bring to your family.

One of the first harbingers of spring is the appearance of mosquitos in the evening. These winged zingers are loathed world-wide and are not only responsible for vigorous scratching that leads to sleepless nights, but also serious illnesses such as Lyme disease, West Nile Virus and Malaria. A professional exterminator can apply insecticide around the outside of your home. Standing water around your house serves as a breeding ground for mosquitos. Your exterminator can help you identify and eliminate such places.

Summer is known for all kinds of bugs, but perhaps the worst are wasps, hornets and yellow-jackets. Nobody wants to get stung, but for the very young, the elderly and people who are allergic, these pests can be a health hazard. Killing and removing the nests of these types of insects is dangerous and should be left to a professional.

In the autumn, just in time for Halloween, you might notice a sudden influx of spiders in and around your home. Their amazing webs are decorative and fun to look at, but even though most spiders are harmless, they are usually unwanted in the house. Other types of insects, such as ladybugs, find their way indoors in the fall as well. An exterminator can explain the best ways to get rid of these pests, and spray insecticide if necessary.

Rodents, such as rats and mice, generally make their indoor appearance in the winter. They are looking for a cozy place with unlimited food (your pantry) to make a nice nest. Signs of rodent infestation include droppings and urine trails. The smell of rodents is unmistakable, andan infested house will have an overwhelming odor. Rodents bring unwanted germs to your home and must be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. Call an exterminator for humane elimination of these undesirable animals.

Your family deserves a safe, healthy environment. A quarterly visit from the pest exterminator is one way to ensure that. Be sure to choose a qualified exterminator to do the job. Visit this website for more information about an exterminator in Carlsbad.


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