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What to Do Before Getting Termite Treatment at Your Home

When it is necessary to subject your home to termite treatment, you will need to put a few household issues in order before it is time to fumigate. Fumigation requires that a home be completely sealed to protect the community. Just as the process may be dangerous to anyone who resides in your home if proper precautions are not taken, it can represent a risk to neighbors and plant life.

To ensure your family’s health, no one will be permitted to stay in the house for several days during and following the treatment. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that all members of the household have a place to stay and provisions for several days away from home. Many people who contract to have their home fumigated against termites opt to take a short family vacation during the time that the work will be done. Another option is to stay in a hotel or with family or friends. Families with pets should make reservations for their care and comfort at a kennel or boarder.

Once you have provided for creature comforts of your family and pets, you will want to make sure that anything left in the house is secured per your exterminator’s instructions. Edibles that are open or box-sealed should be stored in plastic or metal containers with secure lids. Canned or jarred foods that have not been unsealed may remain on shelves. Any food that is not properly stored away for the process will be contaminated and should not be eaten later.

Because the entire house will be contained within a tarp to protect your yard and neighborhood from contamination, it is essential that any limbs, bushes or other objects that will hinder the placement of the seal be removed. Walking around the house with your representative will help you to know exactly what vegetation or other objects should be removed.

While it may seem time-consuming to pay such great attention to preparing for your service provider’s visit, it is imperative that clients understand the gravity of each of these issues. Anyone who is subjected to the chemicals necessary to eliminate termites could become very ill. Ingesting foods contaminated by such chemicals could have devastating effects, too. Furthermore, anything you can do to eliminate stress and time from the service providers equation will help to make the entire process as pain-free as possible.

People who care enough to protect their home from termites must be willing to protect their families in other ways as well. For more information on termite treatment in Durham, please visit this website.

Effective Termite Treatment

Termites are a menace to homes, furniture, and structures with wooden composition. When they move into a home, colonies can number in the millions. These groups can collectively digest a pound of wood daily. Often the extent of their destruction isn’t immediately discovered by homeowners. By the time he or she is aware, the damage is pervasive. In nature, this weakening process is useful for discarding rotting or fallen trees. These vandals do not discriminate between natural and man-made structures. Additionally, multiple colonies may co-exist within a home.

Get an Inspection

Even if you can see tell-tale signs of termite damage, it’s still a good idea to get a professional inspection. An expert can distinguish termite activity from that caused by carpenter ants, beetles, or other insects with an affinity for wood. Appropriate treatment may differ depending on the pest. A professional will be able to make a good assessment of the extent of the damage since the magnitude of the termite activity may not be visible.

Employ a Licensed Professional

A licensed professional can offer a warranty for extermination services provided. That warranty may cover follow-up treatments as well as additional maintenance due to evidence of a new colony. Knowledgeable professionals will also be able to determine which products will be effective and have the least amount of side effects. Fumigation spray may be the only option, but there may be other alternatives your pest control expert may use that can be equally potent and successful. Click here to learn more about effective termite treatment in Raleigh.

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